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Business history

February 1947 The Present NAKAYAMA SANGYO Co., Ltd. established. Capital stock : 1 million yen.
Akiyoshi Tomiyasu installed as a Representative Director.
October 1949 Sale of rubber products for industrial use and air compressors initiated.
April 1954 Tsukishima Plant moved; Youga Plant constructed.
Production of air compressors started.
February 1959
No.1 Nakayama Building completed.
Capital Stock increased to 8 million yen.
April 1962
No.2 Nakayama Building completed.
Division including such things as the air compressor, which had been the main product of our business, and the air cylinder, along with the production division were separated and the Nakayama Works Co., Ltd. was established with capital stock of 5 million yen.
Operations heretofore carried out by this firm were assigned to the Nakayama Works Co., Ltd. and this firm began commercial operations in imports.
January 1963 Sale of WESTINGHOUSE (USA) air conditioners and ice machines started. With the goal of placing the FRITZ HOWALDT (Germany) Löwe shears and other products for gardening on the market, NIHON LOWE Inc. was established.
September 1964 Merger with NIHON LÖWE Inc. New Capital stock reaches 11.75 million yen.
March 1966 The METOS (Instrumentarium Oy. Finland) sauna introduced; became pioneer in a sauna boom.
October 1969 Sapporo Branch Office opened.
July 1970 Osaka Branch Office opened.
February 1971 Import and sale of tiles of VILLEROY & BOCH, world-renown ceramics maker with 11 factories such as Germany, France, Luxembourg initiated
May 1972 Capital stock reaches 25 million yen
November 1973 Due to the death of the Representative Director, Akiyoshi Tomiyasu, Taeko Tomiyasu and Takeshi Osada installed as new Representative Directors.
January 1974 Import and sale of BELLFIRES (Holland) fireplaces and stoves began.
March 1976 Import of STA-RITE (USA) filters commenced.
August 1979 Import and sale of CONTURA (Sweden) and DOVRE (Bergium)
fireplaces and stoves commenced.
August 1980 No.3 Nakayama Building constructed in Tsukishima.
January 1981 Metos Impulse, bathtub fitted with ultrasonic wave generator, developed and sale started.
March 1982
Import and sale of SCAN (Denmark) stoves commenced.
Capital stock reaches 50 million yen.
January 1984
mport and sale of RENÉ BRISACH (France) fireplaces commenced.
Import and sale of GRANDFORM (France) air bubbling-type of hydrotherapy bathtubs commenced.
December 1985
Nagoya Branch Office opened.
Import and sale of Intercore=UCOSAN (Holland) bathtubs commenced.
March 1986 Import and sale of WOOD CUTTER=Blaze King (U.S.A.) turbo system fireplaces commenced.
April 1987
Import and sale of SUPERIOR (U.S.A.) zero-clearance fireplaces initiated.
METOS ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. was established.
February 1988
Import and sale of HOESCH (Germany) and THERMOSOL (U.S.A.) steam generators commenced.
Yokohama Branch Office opened.
May 1989
Capital stock reaches 100 million yen.
Import and sale of BERNHARD E. ENGELHARD ABACHI wood started.
Import and sale of SUPERIOR (U.S.A.) gas-fireplaces commenced.
Import and sale of KLAFS (Germany) sauna commenced.
January 1990
Fukuoka Branch Office opened.
Import and sale of DURAFLAME (U.S.A.) firelog started.
May 1991 Mountain Villa in Fujizakura Heights completed.
November 1992 Purchased No.5 Nakayama Building.
March 1993 Import and sale of MAJESTIC (U.S.A.) fireplaces commenced.
February 1995 Import and sale of PECAN (Australia), EVEN GLOW (Australia), WOODSMAN (New Zealand), YUNCA (New Zealand) and MASPORT (New Zealand) fireplaces commenced.
February 1997 Import and sale of NEO-MEDIAM (France), bathtubs commenced.
March Import and sale of PARKER (U.K.) and HUNTLEIGH (U.K.) care bathtubs began.
April Import and sale of Mr.STEAM (U.S.A.) steam generators commenced.
Sale of Gas sauna stove "ROCKY" commenced.
May SSendai Branch Office opened.
June Import and sale of OLSBERG (Germany) fireplaces commenced.
November 1998 Import and sale of WATERFORD (Ireland) fireplaces commenced.
January 2000 Import and sale of TEUCO (Italy) bathtubs and shower cabin commenced.
March Import and sale of FOCUS (France) fireplaces commenced.
February 2001 Import and sale of ALADDIN. HEAT-N-GLO (U.S.A.) fireplaces and wood stoves commenced.
April Import and sale of AQUA TECHNICS=SAPPHIRE (Australia) family and comercial pools started.
January 2002 Import and sale of ARJO (Sweden), MEDITECHNIK (Germany) and KERRY EQUIPMENT (Australia) care bathtubs commenced.
February 2003 Takeshi Osada resigned from the Representative Director and Seiichi Igasaki installed as the new Representative Director.
May 2003 Installed "Alpine Sauna" (Utility model) at the Tokyo Dome City "Laqua" for the first time in Japan.
July 2003 Installed "Water Ceremony" (Patent pending) at the AstilShinbashi for the first time in Japan.
October 2004 Commenced the import of Steam / Shower Cabin from Hoesch GmbH, Germany.
December 2004 Commenced the import of the bed for a body pack treatment (Soft Pack System) from Haslauer GmbH, Germany, and established the SPA department to sell it as "metos Float Pack".
January 2005 NAKAYAMA SANGYO Co., Ltd. transferred all of stocks to Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. and became the affiliated company (consolidated subsidiary company) of Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.
March 2006 The 1st floor of the Tokyo Showroom was renewed and "Koiki", new care bath with new concept was on display.
April 2006 The company name was changed from Nakayama Sangyo Co., Ltd. to METOS Inc. as METOS used as the trade mark for 40 years would be trade/firm name.
June 2006 Import and sale of FONDIS(France) fireplaces commenced.
July 2007 The commenmorative ceremony of 60th anniversary of the foundation held.
December 2007 Osaka showroom was renovated and reopened.
April 2008 METOS business management system “Kentaro System” starts its operation.
July 2008 Launching METOS IKI SAUNA with innovative high design and concept of original style of smoke sauna bathing.
August 2008 Tokyo headquarters,Tokyo branch office and Tokyo showroom were moved from Ginza to Tsukiji.
Octover 2008 Concluded the basic agreement on the business tie-up regarding the development and the sale of "Nano-Mist Sauna"with Corona.
March 2009 Integrated Sendai branch office in the Tokyo branch office.
June 2009 Introduced "METOS Tent Sauna" at the annual meeting of Japan Sauna & Spa association in Obihiro city for the first time.
October 2009 The "Gas Objet unit type," an art display of flames operated with gas was developed, domestically produced, and launched for sale.
February 2010 The "Rock Face Sauna Isness," a combination of a Finnish stone loyly sauna and gas infrared loyly sauna was developed, domestically produced, and launched for sale.
June 2010 Seiichi Igasaki assumed the post of senior advisor and Satoshi Kamiyama was appointed as Representative Director.
January 2012 Metos Online Shopping Site was established.
April 2012 Sale of Movable Smart Lift bath「Elise Ross」 commenced.
April 2012 Sendai Branch was established.
May 2018 "Metos Sauna Soppi" as the first sauna shop in Japan opened at Akishima-city.
June 2018 Shoichiro Yoshinaga was appointed as Representative Director.
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